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Topics & Methods

Regardless of sector or size, whether large corporations or SMEs, my clients find themselves faced with the same new challenges: employees and managers are now expected to operate internationally, work efficiently with clients and colleagues around the world, and lead employees with different cultural backgrounds both competently and confidently.

How well are your company’s intercultural competencies developed? Which of these do your employees already possess and which skills need to be improved? With the help of an actual/target analysis, we will work together to determine your specific needs and create an individually tailored development strategy.

As a certified trainer and business coach, I am able to offer a diverse array of methods, from individual or team coaching and training to workshops, facilitation, and presentations – and all specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Let’s schedule a personal conversation to determine which format is right for you and your company.

Discover the benefits for you and your company:

  •  Solid, long-term customer relationships around the world.
  •  Successful stays abroad for impatriate and expatriate employees.
  •  Smooth sailing for international projects.
  •  Increased employee loyalty.
  •  Heightened performance and commitment levels.


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