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Expat & Impat Coaching

In preparation for assignments abroad, I offer individual or group coaching for basic intercultural competencies or special, country-specific seminars tailored to the country of destination.

I also recommend reintegration coaching as an efficient retention measure once the employee returns to their home country because, as experience has shown, the risk of an expatriate employee leaving the company after an assignment abroad is extremely high. Coaching effectively addresses the inevitable “reverse culture shock”, allowing the company to keep a valuable employee who can now productively use their international experiences.

Coaching and training for expatriates make it possible for them to enjoy a positive start and successful stay, and allow cultural misunderstandings, conflicts, and oppositions to be reflected upon and overcome.

Deployments are a significant investment for companies; frustrations resulting in the premature termination of an assignment can be avoided through suitable coaching and training offers. Your company can then enjoy the benefits of successfully completed assignments and long-term employee retention.