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Intercultural Training Russia & CIS

You have a business relationship with Russian partners or are even planning to do business in Russia or the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)?  Many companies fail in this attempt because they pay too little attention to relevant cultural differences.

That is why it’s important you know how to recognize and interpret the culturally conditioned attitudes and behavioral patterns of your Russian colleagues. Only then can you prevent misunderstandings and conflicts and minimize the risk of your foreign venture, which in turn leads to the overall success of your business venture!

In this seminar, you will gain an understanding of Russia’s cultural values and mindsets, cover the basics of Russian business culture, and learn about current developments within the country. You’ll also learn concrete strategies for making cooperation with Russian business partners more transparent and predictable.


 Intercultural competence – what does that mean exactly?

  • Fundamental economic, social, and historical facts, as well as current developments in Russia.
  • The values and thought and behavioral patterns in Russian culture.
  • Russian business culture: business ethics, hierarchies, managerial styles, team work, and planning styles.
  • Business etiquette: social graces, body language, status symbols, small talk, taboo subjects, and humor.
  • Negotiations and conflict management.
  • Importance of personal relationships and networks in business success.


This course utilizes a varied and experiential mix of methods: trainer input, interactive individual and group activities, simulations, case studies, evaluation of critical incidents, check lists, advertising analysis, discussions, and exchange of experiences.