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What is coaching?

Coaching helps you to find and implement your own solutions. Coaching assumes that people naturally possess the resources for problem solving and development; coaching simply helps you find and utilize them.

Coaching is not problem-oriented, but rather resource-oriented, meaning we’ll concentrate on your strengths, abilities, and potential.

During the coaching process, you will find out where you stand, where you want to be, and how you can reach these self-defined goals. A coach is a valuable sparring partner in this process, providing you with professional feedback based on their expert opinion.

What is intercultural competence?

Intercultural competence is considered one of the key competencies in today’s business world. It’s not a simple recipe of “Dos and Don’ts” when dealing with other cultures; intercultural training fosters social competencies like empathy and flexibility, and demonstrates sensible strategies for confrontations with your own and foreign cultures.

Together we will learn how to successfully navigate our way through foreign cultures and handle unfamiliar values and behavioral patterns. It’s ultimately a question of knowing how to remain confident and capable when dealing with foreign colleagues and business partners.