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Basic Intercultural Sensitization

Knowing how to confidently and sensibly communicate with people from other cultures is a crucial competence for many people in their everyday professional lives. This course will enable participants to successfully handle various intercultural situations. Various activities will train behavioral skills like empathy, flexibility, and the ability to accept contradictions. We’ll also specifically practice how to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts when coming in contact with other cultures.


What does culture mean?

  • What does “intercultural competence” mean and how does it help me?
  • How does communication work?
  • Why is a certain culture the way it is?
  • Characteristics of your own culture.
  • Basic differences between cultures.
  • Stereotypes and prejudices: why we need them and how we can deal      with them.
  • How to handle typical critical situations.


This course utilizes a varied and experiential mix of methods: trainer input, interactive individual and group activities, case studies, evaluation of critical incidents, check lists, discussions, and exchange of experiences.